Where it began. 1972.

1972, Philadelphia.

I have been fascinated with photography since childhood.  As a boy, I watched my older brother, John, create images in a makeshift darkroom, our bathroom.  During my first year of college at the University of Pennsylvania, I bought a Pentax K500 single-lens reflex camera and started shooting.  In 1974, I attended a course at C.J. Pressma’s Center for Photographic Studies in Louisville, and that’s when I got excited about photography.  Back at school, I joined the staff of The Daily Pennsylvanian and eventually became one of the photo editors. Many a night in the DP darkroom.

For many years, other goals and challenges kept me away from photography.  I attended law school at the University of Louisville, pursued a career as a lawyer, served as President of The Temple, and was a father to a growing family of five children.  My keen interest in photography, however, has persisted though these major life events.  

In the past 10 years, as my children have grown older, I invested in digital technology and picked up the pace of my photographic practice.  I now explore photography eagerly and constantly.  I seek out beautiful places, street scenes, architecture and experimentation for my photographs.  Subjects often include notes of irony, interesting form and story-telling, inspired by color, natural beauty, and Americana.  These photographs can include landscapes or signs, buildings or beaches.

I believe that a photographer often sees the world differently, noticing the unusual juxtaposition of things or the visual order of the world, with an eye toward capturing and sharing them.  I find joy in being able to do that and constantly strive to realize my vision with greater technical and artistic skill. 

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I am a Louisville native and a Louisville Cardinals fan through and through.  Louisville First, Cardinals Forever.

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