Drove from Louisville to New York, through Pennsylvania, of course, to take Sydney her car for Senior Year at Brandeis.  Took Old US 22, roughly from Harrisburg to Allentown.  This road takes you through some real Dutch-country towns and is fun to drive, but for the occasional traffic.  Then, to NYC to pick up Sydney's art (see stairwell) where my car was towed within minutes of arriving (see log book at the impoundment lot).  Then, to Waltham, Massachusetts, through unbearable traffic out in the middle of BF Connecticut (for no apparent reason).  Gee, don't I love the Northeast?  Everything is just easier there--and cheaper. Then, schlepped back to NYC, with just enough time for a quick street-shoot and St. Patrick's Cathedral, and flight home.  Ah, Home-Sweet-Home.