From the Grand Canyon, it was on to Sedona, Arizona, and environs.  Pink Jeep tour gave me some ideas on  photo opps.  Lave Lake (first photo) was interesting.  I moved on to the Grants, New Mexico, area which included the Coconino National Forest and some interesting off-road routes.  In New Mexico, I also visited the Acoma Pueblo, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest.  After a while, one becomes jaded with the beauty and expanse of the arid Western U.S.  Europeans must freak out when they see just how big the landscape is.  It is hard to explain how difficult it is to whittle down so many images to post.  Anyway, the Tucumcari area provided some kitsch and neon, although its Route 66 history is just that, history--a sad town now.  From there, it was a dash to home-sweet-home.